Tony Hawk Krooked Skateboards Collaboration

Tony Hawk put together an 80’s inspired part for his Krooked guest board release. Awesome 80’s era tricks(and he’s got a deep bag of ’em) only outdone by the amazing sound effects. Only 540 decks made, the classic shape and Gonz art are sure to have these sold out very quickly(if not already). Proceeds going to the Tony Hawk Foundation. Hit up your local shop for the goods.

Lakai Footwear Presents: ‘YIR’ Die – Year in Review

The dudes at Lakai just posted their Year in Review(YIR), and by the looks of it they had a pretty solid one. Stevie Perez, Miles Silvas, Riley Hawk and Marc Johnson offer up some skateboard tricky for your viewing pleasure.  Marc Johnson continues his upward trajectory on the list of most stylish skaters.  There’s not too many who can do it like he do it.

Bro Cam by Josh Kalis and Ryan Gee

Like the title implies, “Bro Cam” is a bro cam video.  Only thing is; it’s comprised of early 2000’s era footage of Josh Kalis, selected “The DC Video” DC team riders, Barcelona heads, Kerry Getz, Brian Wenning, and others filmed by Philly photog Ryan Gee.  And some fast cars for good measure.  Never get sick of watching Kalis do his thing.


Burton has released their forth and final episode, RESORT [SNOWBOARDING]. Featuring Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, Peetu Piiroinen, Jack Mitrani, Christian Haller, Werni Stock, Roope Tonteri, Marko Grilc, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Redmond Gerard, and more.

The video highlights Danny Davis’s Peace Park session and the Streets at Seven Springs, and once again the level of riding is of epic proportions. This “man-made” adventure is definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.