DOC: Be Here to Love Me – A Film About Townes Van Zandt

“There was one point when I realized, man, I can really do this. But it takes blowing everything off. It takes blowing your family off, money, security, happiness, friends… Blow it off, get a guitar, and go.” ~ Townes Van Zandt

Margaret Brown’s 2005 documentary on the incomparable Townes Van Zandt. At once myth-making and humanizing, Be Here to Love Me is a brilliant portrait of a real-life troubadour, as creative as he was destructive. “There ain’t no dark til something shines.”

DOC: Tool – The Ultimate Review

Known for their disturbing lyrics, groundbreaking musicianship and creative music videos. Tool changed the game, and has been leading the way since the early 90’s. Their first full length album “Undertow”, is known for playing a major role in sculpturing and pioneering the progressive metal scene that exists today. TOOL mastered lengthy song structures, guitar

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