Nick Jensen – Inside the Skater’s Studio

The skate film genius that is Josh Stewart(of Static I-V, Theories of Atlantis fame) just released Inside the Skater’s Studio with Nick Jensen.  To be completely honest, I’ve probably watched Nick’s part from Blueprint/Dan Magee’s masterpiece “Lost and Found” more than any other video part ever.  So getting to hear some background info on it is awesome.  If you’ve never seen it be sure to watch it below first.  Everything about it is absolutely stellar; skating, music, filming and editing.

Danny Davis Gets Grilled at Snowboard Magazine

Danny Davis goes ally-oop in Breckenridge. Photo: Gabe L’Heureux Courtesy Snowboard Magazine Everyone’s favourite switch method-er(obviously, the one and only Danny Davis) has built quite the career for himself over the past number of seasons. He’s a down-to-earth guy and probably one of the best “core” ambassadors of snowboarding. Snowboard Magazine recently caught up with

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Interview: August Benzien & The Emerica Brandon Westgate

Drop Date just posted a pretty interesting interview with Sole Technology(Emerica’s parent company) footwear designer August Benzien. It covers the design behind the latest pro model shoe from Emerica‘s SOTY contender and east coast powerhouse(and maybe west coast with those SF hill lines), Brandon Westgate, as well as Benzien’s background and history as a footwear

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