JODSGN Skate Video Round-Up: July 2014 – JODSGN

JODSGN Skate Video Round-Up: July 2014

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front these past few weeks. Just trying our best to enjoy summer and make the most of the good weather. So here’s a selection of skate videos front he past few weeks that we’ve had on steady rotation. Skateboarding is outta control. It’s actually crazy how many clips we’ve left out, so much more stuff we coulda added. Any suggestions? leave ’em in the comments.

Jamie Tancowny’s part in “Theatrix.” Canadian dude holds it down on the big stuff.

A Hastings History Lesson w/ Rick McCrank

Jack Fardell’s “Hit and Run” part. Australian for gnarly.

Jake Johnson in “Static IV”

Actually, make sure to check out the other Static IV parts, they’re all amazing.

DGK’s “Blood Money” – This thing is incredible for a web-only release.  So much great footage in the two feature parts and the team montage.  Shout out to Kalis!

Boston head Kevin Coakley’s welcome to Traffic part.  Been a fan of this guy since way back.  check out his Blueprint Part if you’re not familiar.

Another welcome part, this time it’s Tom Karangelov for 3D Skateboards. BA sure can pick ’em.

The Van Doren HB 2014 Finals.  Get your transition fix.

Girl/Chocolate Euro Blitz from way back in 2000.  Nuff said.

Labor Bros. Jordan Trahan.

Bronze 56K’s latest video project, “Enron.”  More Jordan Trahan

“World’s Best Road Trip.”  Those dudes can chomp them rails.


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