OCD Collective

“Working together with the OCD Collective to fight misfortune is something I’m passionate about. Through our networks, resources and the work we do, we have an opportunity to make an impact. Together we can make a difference.” – Jeremy Osmond

Since day one we’ve been compelled to do more with our resources than just our day-to-day work. Many people are faced with harsh challenges everyday, whether its sickness, poverty, various forms of abuse, or natural disasters – the list goes on. They shouldn’t have to face these challenges alone.

The OCD Collective is a network of artists, musicians, businesses, organizations and everyday people who also want to create a positive impact on the world. They’ve been very successful through events and clothing collaborations, pulling together people who lend their talents to assist in change. Personalities like Gene Simmons, Allan Doyle, Sam Roberts, George Stroumboulopoulos, Matt Mays, Raine Maida, Shaun Majumder, Thomas Cantley, and Rob Dyer have all lent a helping hand. And that’s just a small portion of the list.

Through collaborative efforts they are able to extend their reach all over the globe and make a bigger impact through awareness and fundraising for a variety of charitable causes. It was a very easy decision to make when we started talking about uniting our efforts – a no-brainer. With the same passion for charity and change, and the resources at our disposal we expect it to be groundbreaking, and enable us to reach out to so many more families and organizations.

You also have an opportunity to be a part of this venture. Through the purchase of a JODSGN T-Shirt, a modest donation on the OCD Collective website, attending fundraising events, or simply spreading the word, you can be involved. And we’re always open to suggestions. This is a joint effort and will take all of us to achieve the goals we set. Together we can make a difference.