JODSGN Mix Tape | 1991-A – JODSGN

JODSGN Mix Tape | 1991-A

1991 represents a landmark year for massive album releases/sales from a variety of genres, like RHCP’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Pearl Jam’s Ten, Metallica’s Black Album, to name a couple, nevermind Nirvana’s Nevermind! It was also the “Year that Punk Broke” into mainstream. After a solid decade of underground brilliance, the mainstream media, and John Q. Public could no longer ignore the movement. Alot about what happened in 1991 would change alot about 1992.

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough: In 1991 Michael Jackson signed a deal with Sony for a billion dollars. A billion! Twenty years later the dude was beyond broke. Keep an eye on your upkeep bills, ranchers, and pause for thought before you buy those Rolls Royces, spend on excessive plastic surgery, and settle those lawsuits out of court.

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