JODSGN Mix Tape | 1988-A – JODSGN

JODSGN Mix Tape | 1988-A

1988, an era of skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, big-ass sunglasses, leggings, and neon colors (Fuuuuck, what year is this, then!!??). Like those fashions, many of the artists on this playlist have had a lasting influence, even though they were in mostly fringe, rising-from-the-underground, or soon-to-explode genres. Let us not get too much under the influence, and adopt too many trends from earlier time periods, though. In a decade or so people will have to borrow from 2015; give them something unique to copy.

Be Yourself: In 1988 John Fogerty won a lawsuit in which he defended himself against plagiarizing… himself! Fogerty was sued by his old record label, Fantasy Records, because they claimed his 1985 song “Old Man Down the Road” was a rip off of 1970’s “Run Through the Jungle,” for which Fantasy owned the copyright (Can you hear the similarity? I hear the same kinda swamp rock, with a similar vocal pattern, but not nearly the same song). Imagine the implications if Fantasy won. It would be very hard to sustain a career in any art form if you can’t even be a little bit derivative of yourself! A lot of artists would owe themselves a lot of money.

So, always be yourself, but remember, you may have to pay for it later… and keep your copyrights!

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