JODSGN Mix Tape | 1972-A – JODSGN

JODSGN Mix Tape | 1972-A

It’s 1972, the Hippies are hungover, Motown moves to L.A., and the Stones are coming out of exile after avoiding a MASSIVE taxation rate of 75% on top British earners in the early ’70s (We Love Our Queen… God Saves). The ’60s are dead, but lucky for us, good music doesn’t die.

Fuzzy Fact: In 1972 long-haired males still freaked out the squares. Led Zeppelin arrived in Singapore for a concert, but government officials wouldn’t let them off their plane because of their hair. Bobby Ramirez, drummer for one of Edgar Winter’s bands, was beaten to death in a Chicago bar fight for being a long-hair. So, be careful with your coiffure, even in 2015. Fashion changes, but people don’t.

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