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Interview: August Benzien & The Emerica Brandon Westgate

Drop Date just posted a pretty interesting interview with Sole Technology(Emerica’s parent company) footwear designer August Benzien. It covers the design behind the latest pro model shoe from Emerica‘s SOTY contender and east coast powerhouse(and maybe west coast with those SF hill lines), Brandon Westgate, as well as Benzien’s background and history as a footwear designer.  He’s created a good looking shoe that breaks away from most of the generic and boring models that take up a sizeable portion of shelf space these days. It’s a good read. Click the link below.


Westgate, Kickflip. Photo: Cronan via TWS

In addition to that interview, here’s a video just released by Emerica in which Westgate himself discusses the shoe and it’s design.

Check your local shop to check a pair of the new Westgate model from Emerica out for yourself.

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