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Fivers with Erik Fisher

A positive attitude yields positive results. Erik Fisher knows this. He’s a skate rat to the core and has been down to support us since day one.  Asking him to do the first Fivers was a no-brainer. We sent him the questions and he had them back to us the very same day.  We love the guy.  If you’re on Water Street be sure to stop by Ballistic and give him a high-five for us.


Picks for SOTY:

  1. Wes Kremer
  2. Chris Joslin if it’s possible for him to win
  3. Cory Kennedy
  4. Torey Pudwill
  5. Bobby Worrest

Parts of 2014(So far…):

  1. Ishod and Cory Fourstar Crocodile Done Deal VX part
  2. Wes GOTY
  3. Wes Pack of Hydes
  4. Tony Tave Theatrix
  5. Cory Goes Bellingham

Favorite Canadian Skaters of 2014:

  1. Dillion Moore
  2. Tj Rogers
  3. Antoine Assilin
  4. Jed Anderson
  5. Tyler Warren

Bands/groups of all time:

  1. Tribe called quest
  2. The Doors
  3. Ty Segall
  4. Black Sabbath
  5. WU


Ollie. Photo: Ethan Murphy

Shoes of 2014

1. Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc
2. Emerica Herman Vulc
3. HUF Ramondetta
4. HUF 2’s
5. HUF Choice

Sketchy customers at Ballistic:

  1. Patches
  2. Some dude we stopped from stealing a girls purse lurks in every now and then
  3. A dude we caught shop lifting comes back and tries to put shoes on hold
  4. This guy that wanted to set up a star wars board one time and called me racist.
  5. Some dude who always looks at the HUF section, no eye contact or conversation ever.

Lunch/dinner deals while working the day shift at Ballistic:

  1. Subway every day makes me sick
  2. Smoke’s Poutine is hard on the stomach
  3. Nellies breakfast on the weekends
  4. Subway
  5. Subway

Songs of 2014:

  1. They still make music in 2014?
  2. I don’t think I have one song
  3. I’m trying to think of some radio song I always hear
  4. But I got nothing
  5. Bobby Shmurda – Bobby Bitch

Tricks you’ve seen at Turndown:

  1. (Mike) Hudson frontside wallride
  2. Neil(Blackwood) always amazing but one night he was skating a make shift hubba.. flip into everything first try..
  3. Jordan(Lily) bs 360 kickflip the set
  4. Josh Kelly half cab nose 270 flip out
  5. Some dude Brad Burden from Ontario stopped in and laid down some serious shit

Tricks you’ve seen at Mount Pearl Park:

  1. Jon Hull feeble bigspin the sketchy qp
  2. Hudson Back smith up the stepup rail
  3. Neil at the Element Make It Count contest wasn’t even fit…
  4. Jordan Boland 3 flip over a bench out of the bowl
  5. Brandon Del Bianco back 180 nosegrind down the circle rail

Tricks you’ve seen at Mundy Pond:

  1. Luke doing some crazy transition in the thunder bowl
  2. Hudson always got sick transition lines
  3. My friend Daniel Foo who doesn’t skateboard dropped into the street course and lost a bunch of skin
  4. Neil kickflip back tail bigspin on the rail
  5. Neil front board flip on the rail

Dudes on the come up for 2015:

  1. Chris Joslin
  2. TJ Rogers
  3. Dillion Moore
  4. Mark Suciu
  5. Antonie Asselin

 Reasons to shop at Ballistic:

  1. Me
  2. Local Shopping
  3. I usually DJ some nice tunes down there
  4. We might allow you to ollie the 5 stair


Photo: Ethan Murphy

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