Hell Bent for Winter

If you’re anything like us right now, all you can think about is 40 cm of fresh and endless pow turns. The snowboard season is quickly approaching and we’re hyped… we’re “Hell Bent For Winter”! We teamed up with thrashin’ Graphic Designer Cohen Mcdonald to unite the metal and snow gods in order to reign

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Dan Wolfe – The Cinematographer Project

Transworld’s Cinematographer Project was a pretty cool video concept.  Rather than the feature being entirely fixated on the skaters individually, focus on the filmers/filmmakers that are more often than not behind the scenes. Easily one of our favourite sections from the video would be Dan Wolfe’s. Solid skating from a talent-heavy team and a filmer

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JODSGN Soundtracking Vol. 1

Its Coming WEB by Dru Kennedy

Music is one of the things keeps the gears turning here at the JODSGN headquarters.  And like a wise person once said, “Variety is the spice of life.”  Sometimes we like it heavy. Sometimes we like it soft. And sometimes we like it, well, really heavy.  This week, it’s the latter.  We can’t promise we’ll

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