CEEBS 2014 Skate Contest Edit

This past weekend we also sponsored an event in CBS along with Ballistic Skate & Snow and Brent Mac Events. And from the looks of it the thing went off! Check out this edit Mike Hamlyn put together featuring a bunch of great skating from some east coast heads. Big thanks to Marcus Willcott for putting the event together. The east coast scene is looking mighty healthy.

Pontus Alv Interview

One of the realest dudes to do it, Mr. Pontus Alv, the man behind Polar Skateboards, sat down with Jacob Sawyer of Slam City Skates for an interview. It’s ends up being a pretty refreshing look at Pontus the pro skater, the workings of the Polar skateboard company, their recent tour and upcoming video. Have

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Nick Jensen – Inside the Skater’s Studio

The skate film genius that is Josh Stewart(of Static I-V, Theories of Atlantis fame) just released Inside the Skater’s Studio with Nick Jensen.  To be completely honest, I’ve probably watched Nick’s part from Blueprint/Dan Magee’s masterpiece “Lost and Found” more than any other video part ever.  So getting to hear some background info on it is awesome.  If you’ve never seen it be sure to watch it below first.  Everything about it is absolutely stellar; skating, music, filming and editing.