Cabin Porn™

  A favorite site of ours(and tens of thousands more,) Cabin Porn™ is a look at cabins, cottages, shacks, and shelters from across the globe.  The blog has been around since way back in March of 2009 and has continued to grow and gain viewer/readership since.  Some posts consist of a single shot, leaving the surroundings and insides

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#wintersback from JODSGN on Vimeo.

We had a rough patch. Rain and mild weather – the type of conditions that aren’t exactly ideal for snowboarding and other winter activities.
That’s changed and now #wintersback. And we’re having a contest.
Use the hashtags #wintersback and #jodsgn to share your winter adventures on Instagram. They don’t have to be limited to snowboarding. Hiking, snowshoeing, camping, cabin life, landscape, and all sorts of other good stuff is included. JODSGN and Dru Kennedy of DK Photography will pick a winner for a prize pack, guaranteed to be full of great stuff. We’ll review the submissions on March 3rd and choose a winner.

Fine Print: To submit your photos tag your Instagram photo with both #wintersback and #jodsgn. Make sure you follow both @dru_kennedy and @jodsgn on Instagram to be eligible. Entries will be reviewed by JODSGN and Dru Kennedy and a winner will be chosen on March 3rd, 2014.

Leica – Rolling Through the Shadows

Omar Salazar, Photo: Joe Brook   Since this past January Leica(the German camera manufacturer*) has been highlighting photographers who use their cameras(and happen to pay the bills shooting skateboarding) with it’s “Rolling Through the Shadows” blog feature. Curated by former SLAP magazine editor in chief Mark Whiteley, the articles feature some pretty amazing black and

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Fabiano Rodrigues Photography

Fabiano Rodrigues is a skateboarder, artist, and photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His work is amazing. When I first saw his skateboard photography I thought it was amazing – grainy, black and white images, with as much focus on the architecture/environment as the skateboarding. As I dug a little further I came to realize

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Barry Feinstein – Bob Dylan

Barry Feinstein was an American photographer, active from 1955-1993, whose work has graced such publications as Life, Time, Esquire, and Newsweek, as well as many famous rock’n’roll album covers. Of particular interest to me are his photos from when he accompianied Bob Dylan on his historic 1966 tour of the UK, where some people’s Folk

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