Nick Jensen in Eleventh Hour

He’s been on our radar since seeing his photos in Sidewalk magazine in the late 90’s as a kid. His “Lost and Found” part was watched most times before skating. We were anxiously awaiting this part from Jacob Harris’s “Eleventh Hour” indie project but hadn’t had the opportunity to see it. Grey Magazine, which you

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JODSGN Mix Tape | 1984-A

Welcome to the first installment of our Mix Tape series. This week we go back to 1984, the era of Thrash, and a time when Indie labels were still actually independant. Stay tuned for a healthy dose of Thrash, Punk, Indie, plus a little more. Fact: 1984 saw the first CD manufacturing plant open in

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Joey Guevara Video Part for Atlas

Atlas Skate Shop, based in San Mateo, California has been putting out video parts from members of it’s team for the past couple years. They’ve all been really good. Like really good. And chances are you haven’t even heard of most of these guys and probably haven’t seen the parts.

They just released a new part from Joey Guevara last week. We highly recommend checking it out. This is the type of skateboarding we like.