JODSGN Mix Tape | 1977-A


1977 is the year when punk rock really begins to flourish, many bands were forming and full-length albums were being released. But it ain’t all punk… We got Motorhead, Bob Marley, Rainbow, Elvis Costello, and more. Whattaya think, should 1977-B be all disco? Interstellar Overdrive: NASA’s 1977 Voyager was launched into deep space carrying a

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JODSGN Mix Tape | Blues No.1


A brief introduction to some of the greatest performers and songs in the genre of Blues… This playlist was unfinished, but we’re posting it in honor of a man who also wasn’t finished, B.B. King. We’d say Rest In Peace, but somewhere in the cosmos, the man probably already booked 8 shows for next week.

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JODSGN Mix Tape | 1968-A


While researching this playlist a theme kept repeating; change. Many beginnings, ends, and departures into new territory. The Beatles and The Supremes swap the #1 spot on the charts for the fifth time, the Stones get psychedelic then later wise up, Johnny Cash does a live album on his own terms at Folsom Prison, Black

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JODSGN Mix Tape | 1981-A


It was initially scoffed at when introduced, but MTV came on the scene in 1981. Nobody knew the massive impact it would have. The industry was given a powerful new advertising medium, the public got to see all those weirdos who make the music they like, budding film/TV directors got to workshop their skills in

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JODSGN Mix Tape | Nirvana


We’ve got Nirvana on our minds lately, awaiting the release of the new Kurt Cobain doc, “Cobain: Montage of Heck.” So here’s a mix of tunes from our favorite “fudge packing, crack smoking, satan worshipping motherfuckers,” (or “flower sniffin’, kitty pettin’, baby kissin’ corporate rock whores,” if you dig censorship). They’re thoroughly alright and decent

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