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The Arizona Project – The OCD Collective

We are proud to announce our good friends at The OCD Collective just launched The Arizona Project – An initiative that will “support suicide prevention and awareness through the work of Collateral Damage, a group that is changing – and saving – lives.”

Brian Byrne of The OCD Collective wrote and recorded “Arizona(I Miss You Most)” as a tribute to those affected by suicide. The OCD Collective is also producing a video for the song featuring those who have been affected by suicide. For more information on how to become involved with the project(and how you can learn a little more about The Arizona Project and The OCD Collective), visit

Please spread the message behind this campaign as it’s one close to our hearts and one that maybe doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Head on over to their site and you’ll find a number of different ways to spread the word throughout social media. The more people we can reach the bigger impact we can make.

Thanks for your support.


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