JODSGN Mix Tape | 1965-A


1965, the year rock and pop music was blown wide open. No longer considered a teenage fad, lousy with tame teen love songs, rock and pop artists were able to stretch out conceptually and lyrically. Instead of singing about crying over lost love, they could now sing about “crying like a fire in the sun,”

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Game of Skate


Marble Auto Gallery, Skin Gallery, and JODSGN proudly present Western Newfoundland’s first indoor skate competition. Cash and product prizes to be awarded, as well as spectator giveaways, on-site shopping, and food by Z’s Fast Pizza. Format will be a tournament style Game of Skate (24 slots) with Best Trick challenges. The fun starts 6pm, February

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JODSGN Mix Tape | 1996-A


Generally speaking, 1996 was part of a transitional era in the musical world. Grunge/Alternative had nearly run the course set out by the mainstream industry – oversaturation and death! Punk rock was still enjoying a major resurgence. Hip hop was influencing areas of metal, spawning NuMetal, and gearing up for massive mainstream success. A new

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JODSGN Mix Tape | 1972-A


It’s 1972, the Hippies are hungover, Motown moves to L.A., and the Stones are coming out of exile after avoiding a MASSIVE taxation rate of 75% on top British earners in the early ’70s (We Love Our Queen… God Saves). The ’60s are dead, but lucky for us, good music doesn’t die. Fuzzy Fact: In

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