Joey Guevara Video Part for Atlas

Atlas Skate Shop, based in San Mateo, California has been putting out video parts from members of it’s team for the past couple years. They’ve all been really good. Like really good. And chances are you haven’t even heard of most of these guys and probably haven’t seen the parts.

They just released a new part from Joey Guevara last week. We highly recommend checking it out. This is the type of skateboarding we like.

JODSGN Soundtracking Vol. 4

A little more mellow than the last version of Soundtracking, Vol. 4 has sort of a fresh, Spring feel to it. A mix of old and new, famous and unknown. Give it a listen and give us some feedback. About JODSGN Soundtracking: We can’t promise we’ll post new playlists every week. We can’t promise you’ll

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Throwback Thursday – First Division Wheel Co.

A good friend sent this clip along earlier this week. Perfect timing for a Throwback Thursday post. First Division Wheel Co. section from an early 411VM. Featuring Donny Barley, Ricky Oyola, Kris Markovich, Sergei Trudnowski, Brian Anderson, Mike Maldanado, Tim O’Conner, Kevin Taylor, AJ Mazuu, and more. We got lots of love for East Coast 90’s skating.

“Fuck, That’s Delicious” with Action Bronson

We won’t front – most content Vice puts out there is gold. From their early print days to their current position as internet(and TV) content giants, we’ve been entertained(and informed) every step of the way. And with the attention they’d been giving Action Bronson through their own site and Nosiey, it was only a matter of time before they gave him his own series. “Fuck, That’s Delicious” is guaranteed to be one you’ll be psyched to see every time.

Studio Skateboards Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 line of Studio Skateboards has hit the shelves of select retailers across the country.  It’s been cool to watch the company and it’s riders grow over the past number of years.  The aesthetic of the company is tied closely to the skating of it’s team – clean and stylish, no bullshit. Their team

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