What Makes the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom so Legendary?

What makes the the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom Legendary?  Good question.  It’s not just one thing, that’s for sure.  It’s gotta be the culmination of the course, the contest, the riders, and the duct tape trophy.  Burton posed the questions to a few of this years participants. Check the video to see their responses and to see some footage of Terje ripping the gates.

Tony Hawk Krooked Skateboards Collaboration

Tony Hawk put together an 80’s inspired part for his Krooked guest board release. Awesome 80’s era tricks(and he’s got a deep bag of ’em) only outdone by the amazing sound effects. Only 540 decks made, the classic shape and Gonz art are sure to have these sold out very quickly(if not already). Proceeds going to the Tony Hawk Foundation. Hit up your local shop for the goods.