#wintersback from JODSGN on Vimeo.

We had a rough patch. Rain and mild weather – the type of conditions that aren’t exactly ideal for snowboarding and other winter activities.
That’s changed and now #wintersback. And we’re having a contest.
Use the hashtags #wintersback and #jodsgn to share your winter adventures on Instagram. They don’t have to be limited to snowboarding. Hiking, snowshoeing, camping, cabin life, landscape, and all sorts of other good stuff is included. JODSGN and Dru Kennedy of DK Photography will pick a winner for a prize pack, guaranteed to be full of great stuff. We’ll review the submissions on March 3rd and choose a winner.

Fine Print: To submit your photos tag your Instagram photo with both #wintersback and #jodsgn. Make sure you follow both @dru_kennedy and @jodsgn on Instagram to be eligible. Entries will be reviewed by JODSGN and Dru Kennedy and a winner will be chosen on March 3rd, 2014.

JODSGN Soundtracking Vol. 2

A little mellower than the last JODSGN Soundtracking, Vol. 2’s got a mix of songs spanning a few different decades and genres.  More recent acts like The Black Angels to classic favourites like Social Distortion.   About JODSGN Soundtracking: We can’t promise we’ll post new playlists every week.  We can’t promise you’ll dig the entire

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Peter Line in Forum’s “The Resistance”

Throwback Thursday, #tbt, or whatever you wanna call it, Peter Line’s part in Forum’s “The Resistance” was a standout. Actually, most of his parts were.  From his early Mack Dawg days(pioneering inverted spins), to original and innovative street riding in the more recent Forum vids, Peter Line has always been an influence on snowboarding.  This part isn’t the longest, probably not his best, but for whatever reason it definitely stands out in my mind as a favourite. Maybe it’s the song, maybe the it’s the Ralph Steadman art used in the editing, or maybe it’s just the classic Peter Line style.

Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part

When Bastien Salabanzi first came to the forefront of the international skateboard scene all anybody knew about him was that the rode for Flip, he was originally from the Congo and he was one of the most talked about up and comers. And the fact that he was hyped on/cheered for himself. Regardless of your opinion on the last point, his skill is undeniable.

This “Lost Part” was put together by Ewan Bowman at Flip and spans Bastien’s later years at Flip and Etnies(approximately 10 years ago!?). It certainly doesn’t disappoint. Like it says in the intro, it was ahead of the game, and still stands today. Enjoy Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part.