DC Presents: Nyjah Fade to Black for Thrasher

Nyjah Huston pretty much cemented his 2013 Thrasher SOTY status with this part. Love ’em or hate ’em, he’s one of the gnarliest to step on a skateboard.  And after watching this you gotta give him the credit he deserves. Might not be your favourite skater, but he’s undeniably talented. And that’s one of our favourite Metallica songs. DC OGs Danny and Colin must be pumped on the music selection too. Fade to Black indeed.

But just for the record, we’re still backing Ishod’s SOTY campaign pretty hard.

JODSGN Soundtracking Vol. 1

Its Coming WEB by Dru Kennedy

Music is one of the things keeps the gears turning here at the JODSGN headquarters.  And like a wise person once said, “Variety is the spice of life.”  Sometimes we like it heavy. Sometimes we like it soft. And sometimes we like it, well, really heavy.  This week, it’s the latter.  We can’t promise we’ll

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Leica – Rolling Through the Shadows

Omar Salazar, Photo: Joe Brook   Since this past January Leica(the German camera manufacturer*) has been highlighting photographers who use their cameras(and happen to pay the bills shooting skateboarding) with it’s “Rolling Through the Shadows” blog feature. Curated by former SLAP magazine editor in chief Mark Whiteley, the articles feature some pretty amazing black and

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Bro Cam by Josh Kalis and Ryan Gee

Like the title implies, “Bro Cam” is a bro cam video.  Only thing is; it’s comprised of early 2000’s era footage of Josh Kalis, selected “The DC Video” DC team riders, Barcelona heads, Kerry Getz, Brian Wenning, and others filmed by Philly photog Ryan Gee.  And some fast cars for good measure.  Never get sick of watching Kalis do his thing.

The Blaster by NIXON

File this one under Xmas gifts that won’t get returned.  The Blaster from Nixon is a wireless portable speaker featuring Bluetooth connectivity that boasts 12-hour battery life, and shock and water resistance. Weighing in at just over one pound(525g to be exact), it’s light enough to throw in your backpack and take on an adventure.

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Nike ACG Alder Mid OMS ERDL

With winter fast on our heels, it’s of the utmost importance to be set up and ready to brave the elements. Sturdy footwear is key, and a little style never hurt anyone… well that goes without saying. Check out Nike’s ACG Alder Mid. Laced with an upper comprised of textile, synthetic and leather stacked on a lightweight

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