Burton has released their forth and final episode, RESORT [SNOWBOARDING]. Featuring Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, Peetu Piiroinen, Jack Mitrani, Christian Haller, Werni Stock, Roope Tonteri, Marko Grilc, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Redmond Gerard, and more.

The video highlights Danny Davis’s Peace Park session and the Streets at Seven Springs, and once again the level of riding is of epic proportions. This “man-made” adventure is definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.

DOC: Tool – The Ultimate Review

Known for their disturbing lyrics, groundbreaking musicianship and creative music videos. Tool changed the game, and has been leading the way since the early 90’s. Their first full length album “Undertow”, is known for playing a major role in sculpturing and pioneering the progressive metal scene that exists today. TOOL mastered lengthy song structures, guitar

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Ultra Natural Postponed

Which may come as a bit of a disappointment, may also be a good thing. It was recently announced that the Red Bull Ultra Natural would be postponed for 2014 and reconvene in 2015.  Travis Rice’s idea of doing something different in snowboarding has certainly been a refreshing one. Rather than the usual uptight contest

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Fabiano Rodrigues Photography

Fabiano Rodrigues is a skateboarder, artist, and photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His work is amazing. When I first saw his skateboard photography I thought it was amazing – grainy, black and white images, with as much focus on the architecture/environment as the skateboarding. As I dug a little further I came to realize

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Logo History: Montreal Canadiens

As they are the oldest team in professional hockey, the Montreal Canadiens are perfect for our first logo history. Such a long history will inevitably lead to numerous logo revisions, and the Canadiens are no exception. The one thing constant for nearly all designs is the big “C” and I bet you know what that

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Jibberish Vol.2

After a very entertaining 1st video, Simon Chamberlain and JP Walker have done it again. Jibberish Volume 2 is great of example how fun in professional snowboarding still exists. Laced full of talent and an opening montage that will have you strapped in and bouncing around your living room.  It’s a video you don’t want to miss. Rumor has it that this may be the last video for the famed duo, so enjoy it while you can.