adidas Skateboarding Pacific Northwest

The adidas Skateboarding clips seem to come out of nowhere. No hype, ads or ridiculous claims. They never disappoint. Ever. In the latest instalment the team travels to Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Rodrigo TX, Jake Donnelly, Pete Eldridge, Lem Villemin, Benny Fairfax, Kevin Lowry and Alec Majerus all get busy. Enjoy.

DOC: Be Here to Love Me – A Film About Townes Van Zandt

“There was one point when I realized, man, I can really do this. But it takes blowing everything off. It takes blowing your family off, money, security, happiness, friends… Blow it off, get a guitar, and go.” ~ Townes Van Zandt

Margaret Brown’s 2005 documentary on the incomparable Townes Van Zandt. At once myth-making and humanizing, Be Here to Love Me is a brilliant portrait of a real-life troubadour, as creative as he was destructive. “There ain’t no dark til something shines.”


The D.W.D. crew just released the the Rats Revolution Edit highlighting the Dino-Rats flow dudes.  One of the first brands to emerge from the new wave of  D.I.Y. snowboard companies, they got love for the locals and don’t hesitate to give them the recognition they deserve. For a smaller company, Dinosaurs Will Die  seems to have carved out their place in the industry. Good to see some friends in the mix too. We’re looking forward to more footage fellas!

adidas Snowboarding presents ‘Welcome’: Kazu Kokubo

One of the most well known riders to emerge form the Japanese shred scene, Kazu Kokubo is more than just the guy who flipped off X-Games judges and was banned from the Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremony for his “relaxed” dress style.  He’s been putting out amazing backcountry footage for over a decade. His new ‘Welcome’ part from adidas Snowboarding highlights his career and riding over the years, along with commentary from his peers and the man himself. He’s come a long way from the 13 year old kid who blew minds at the U.S. Open in 2002.

Lakai Footwear Presents: ‘YIR’ Die – Year in Review

The dudes at Lakai just posted their Year in Review(YIR), and by the looks of it they had a pretty solid one. Stevie Perez, Miles Silvas, Riley Hawk and Marc Johnson offer up some skateboard tricky for your viewing pleasure.  Marc Johnson continues his upward trajectory on the list of most stylish skaters.  There’s not too many who can do it like he do it.

DC Presents: Nyjah Fade to Black for Thrasher

Nyjah Huston pretty much cemented his 2013 Thrasher SOTY status with this part. Love ’em or hate ’em, he’s one of the gnarliest to step on a skateboard.  And after watching this you gotta give him the credit he deserves. Might not be your favourite skater, but he’s undeniably talented. And that’s one of our favourite Metallica songs. DC OGs Danny and Colin must be pumped on the music selection too. Fade to Black indeed.

But just for the record, we’re still backing Ishod’s SOTY campaign pretty hard.